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October 5: Griffith Park (LA)

On the way back from the Grand Canyon I decided to hit up Griffith Observatory, in LA.  I'm a sucker for planetariums and figured it would be good for a quick afternoon stopoff before heading home.  It turned out to be the biggest surprise of the trip.  

The night before I stayed in Laughlin; thought I could do some gambling and hit the town for a bit but I was pretty wiped from the hike so I won $120 at the blackjack table, had dinner at the Outback steakhouse in the casino (the Aquarius), and went to bed.   On the way there (somewhere around Kingman) I snapped a couple good sunsets while driving.  Yay.

Anyway, Griffith is a lot more than just an observatory with stupid exhibits - it's an entire park in the middle of LA with some cool bike trails and a fantastic panoramic view of the city.  Definitely worth a side trip if you're ever in the LA area.  The planetarium was fantastic; 40 minute show that is absolutely worth the $7 it costs.  If you're one of those people who thinks planetariums are lame and only for 9-year olds, then you're obviously a bad person and I can't help you. It's an entertaining and inspiring show that everyone should take a few minutes to experience.  There's also a cool movie in the lower section that gives some background on the whole place and how it came to be.  Plus it's hosted by Spock (+10 points).

venus is the bright gray spot

When I first got there it was raining like hell and the clouds were all around so I couldn't get any good shots othe surrounding city, but later on the sun came out a bit.  The fog was so bad I was literally 100 yards from the observatory and had to ask a guard where it was because I couldn't see it. Pretty sure he thought I was an idiot.

gondor?I would definitely go back and spend a bit more time there on a nice day. The weather was so bad they didn't even have the main telescope open (insert sad face here).  

The photo at the left is one I obviously didn't take.  


October 4 - 5: Grand Canyon